Sunday, April 21, 2013

DeMott Emslie Family Portraits

Senior: NIKKI

Gorgeous! Is what I have to say about Nikki.  She was so easy going and laid back.  She made my job easy.  It's always fun but sometimes not so easy.  She has a great smile and bright blue eyes.  And....was game for anything!

I met Nikki at the park for her Senior portraits.  Not the best park...actually known for it's drugs, but it was green and the flowers were in full bloom.

 Nikki brought her dad's piston.  He passed away and she wanted to include it in a few pictures in honor and memory of him.  Such a sweet gesture and tells a lot about how sweet and caring she is.

Graduation is right around the corner.  She looked stunning in her cap and gown.  You wanna know a secret?..........This beautiful spot is 4 feet from the bathroom.  We got to hear people flushing toilets while we shot :-)


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Senior: AMANDA

Amanda's portrait session was full of personality.
She has beautiful blue eyes and the perfect skin tone for the green surroundings.

Easter Moments

I love spontaneous portrait sessions.....the ones where no one is expecting them but the moment's right.  Easter Sunday we were enjoying ourselves and I noticed a field of yellow mustard weed in the back pasture and the gorgeous thunder clouds.  I asked cousin Kelly if I could photograph her kids with their Easter baskets out back.

Tristan and Pressley
They are really photogenic kids but Pressley was getting a little anxious.
She held up her Easter bucket and declared to us all "I am done!"  So I told Tristan to stay put and I'd take his picture.
He would have posed for me all day.  He's such a handsome kid.  I told Kelly we should shoot a couple family shots and to go find her fiancee.  She did the next best thing....texted him to come to the field.
When the kids got bored I decided to shoot a few couples shots.

They got married the next day.............Not saying my pictures had anything to do with that...but how cool!

A few more shots from the day.............