Sunday, March 13, 2016

British American Cup 2016

Our neighbors, who own LewisportUSA, invited us to their British American Cup trial bike competition at the old Copper Mine in Copperopolis.  Honestly, until we met them we had no idea this sport existed.

The weather was bi-polar, switching from cold wind and rain to warm sunshine.  The weather and the terrain challenged the riders who were brave enough to come out.  It also challenged our camera gear.  The warm sun caused a lot of condensation and quite a few of Brian's pictures look hazy because of it.  I gave Brian my Canon "big girl" camera and I used my new Nikon P900.  I figured this was a great opportunity to challenge it and see how it performs.  As I expected, it definitely wasn't very fast.  I had a hard time getting use to the digital view finder.  All in all, I can say that I'm happy with it and respect its limitations as an advanced point and shoot.  I also love the 2,000mm optical zoom lens.  I could stay out of the way and still get some great shots.

No rain delays in this sport.

It was fun watching everyone compete, through water, rock, dirt, mine ruins and RAIN.  I met riders from all ages....some in elementary school and some in retirement.  The copper mine has a very diverse terrain and perfect for this sport.

Yes, that is Brian!  At this point he was wishing he brought a waterproof jacket.
 The rain made it pretty slick.   Copperopolis mud is mostly clay so some areas were basically a slip-n-slide.  

Smelter residue resembles lava.

As the rain fell it got deeper.
The more riders that went through the deeper the ruts got.
Inside part of the ruins.

The water was my favorite part.  But, from what I've been told, it definitely was not the riders favorite part!