Sunday, October 23, 2011

The 4ft x 4ft picture frame

My pet project is finally complete.  I saw a smaller version of this on Etsy and thought it would look really good as a 4.5x4.5 ft over my fireplace.  I had ordered 8x8 inch canvas prints of old family photos and then didn’t like them just hanging on the wall.    I thought the frame would be the best way to display them.

Poor Brian is always stuck trying to help me achieve my ideas.  Once I had it all laid out on the garage floor it was up to him to find a way to attach it all together and make sure it didn’t fall off the wall.  By the time we got it complete it was close to 75 lbs.

I have a word of advice for all the men out there who have wives with “ideas” that involve wood.  Unless she knows about wood don’t let her go shopping by herself or leave her alone in the lumber isle in Home Depot.  My lesson was very expensive.  I found the perfect wood and it was cheap….. until I got it to the check out and she started measuring.  My cheap price was actually the linear foot price and I bought the longest pieces I could find. 

Once it was done (and we realized it was 75 lbs.) we had to figure out how to get up above the mantel and make sure it wouldn’t fall off the wall.  Turns out the hardest part was lifting up that high while perched on a ladder.  Brian ended up straining his shoulder and said quite a few special words trying to get the hooks on the nails but afterward it was beautiful.  It’s quite a focal point in the house.  To bad we’re moving in three weeks and the new house doesn’t have a large wall to put it on.  It may end up in an upstairs bedroom or in the stair well.  We’ll just have to get there and see where it looks best.