Sunday, June 17, 2012

Two girls, two cameras, a 4x4.......and no curfew!

My girlfriend and fellow photography enthusiast decided we should plan a day trip up Highway 4 to look for dogwoods.   We had just experienced a freak summer cold snap complete with snow at around the 5,000 ft. elevation...right where the dogwoods bloom in our county.  The first dogwoods we saw were in a CalFire station parking lot so stopped to take the first few shots.  We were very disappointed in all the brown spots left by the snow.

We decided to go higher and see what Alpine Lake looked like.  The sky was extremely bright and oddly we didn't even see one bird to photograph.  Being big girls without a curfew.......and extremely understanding husbands we decided that no place was off limits for our photo day.... so over Monitor Pass we went.  And since we were already heading that direction we just went right on over to Bridgeport.  Bridgeport is one of my favorite places and.....we couldn't be THAT close to Bodie and not go.  So off to Bodie we went.

I tried a tilt shift technique with this one (above)

Bodie was always!  We walked and shot for many hours before heading home.

On the way back over Highway 4 we spyed dogwoods in the parking lot of a bank in Arnold.  It was getting dark but there was just enough light to take a few pictures.

I'm looking forward to our next adventure.

An evening walk down to the pasture.........

The sun started to set so I decided to head down to the creek to see if our resident deer were there.

There are about ten in the group and they definitely weren't happy to see me....or the dogs.

I wanted to leave them in peace so headed back up the path.....but the sky was starting to turn a beautiful color and I couldn't pass up a sunset.

I stopped at the gate halfway between the property to take pictures .....and fight mosquitoes. 

Within minutes the sky turned purple.....then black... and I was standing in the field, hundreds of feet from the house.  It's pitch black and all I can hear are the mosquitoes buzzing my ears, something moving in the tall grass behind me and the dogs playing in the dark.  I made my way through the thigh high grass and oak trees back to the house.  Next time I decided to stay out after dark I will wear repellent and bring a flashlight.  I'm not a scardycat but I was a little creeped out by all the noises I was hearing.  Plus my little 15 lb. dogs are owl and coyote snacks.  We all made it home safe and sound......and bug bitten. 


An amazing shoot with Victoria on a warm spring day. 

Senior: CHASE

It's that time of year.  Senior's are ending their high school career and preparing for what lies ahead.  I was honored to be asked to shoot an amazing senior, Chase.  We started out in Knights Ferry and ended at Telegraph City.