Sunday, December 2, 2012

Flooding December 2, 2012

The wind and rain has been relentless.  I was up early this morning because of the howling wind through the slightly cracked bedroom window.  Brian has a cold so slept through everything.  I headed downstairs to brew some coffee and go through pictures from yesterday's Paws & Claus Christmas event to benefit the Calaveras Humane Society.  With a huge cup of coffee in hand I turned on the computer and watched the sun come up over our rapidly rising creek.  Soon Brian was downstairs making a huge plate of waffles.  Then the downpour started.  It rained really hard....blinding conditions for about three hours.   Brian went in the dining room and the floor was soaked.  The wind was blowing the water against and under the door.  I started finding puddles around the house.  Several of the door window panes couldn't handle that amount of water and wind. While checking the windows I noticed the lake that was forming in the backyard under the dining room window.

Taken through the dining room window
As it started to die down...a little... I decided to put on my raincoat and boots and take a walk.  I grabbed my little point and shoot and out the door I went.............

One of the seasonal streams

I guess the doggies won't have a pasture to play in for a while.
The fence is almost gone.

The fence between the neighbor and us.  It's almost completely gone.  We'll need to get out there and repair everything before "Ricky & Lucy" are delivered on the 14th.

The neighbor's property
Property next door
I headed down the road to see how our little bridge was handling the water.............It wasn't!

View from our driveway to the end of the road.
The bridge is down by the entrance to the neighbor's property
Tree on my neighbor's property.  They are stuck in their house.  You can see their driveway to the right. It's completely flooded.