Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bridgeport Weekend

After what felt like a month-long week I decided to book us a hotel for a short getaway in Bridgeport.  Its too short of a trip to drag the trailer over the pass so I found a pet friendly hotel for Saturday night.  It was a funky little place somewhat stuck in 50's but the owners are very sweet.
We can't be in Mono County without visiting Bodie so headed that direction shortly after arriving in town.  My husband, who just the day before commented on my overkill purchase of 10-ply tires, was actually grateful because the road was under construction.  Bodie was packed.  There were so many people they looked like ants at a picnic.  I was shocked at all the people climbing on the old trucks and trying to open locked doors.  The park rangers sure had their hands full.  The sky was so washed out and hazy I only took about 20 pictures.   I didn't feel like photoshoping a bunch of people out of my pictures so we left after about an hour.
With Bodie being such a bust we headed back to the motel to rest for a bit before heading out to photograph the Sawtooth Mountains.  We stopped at the Travertine Hot Springs, which was packed with naked people who we felt would be a a little anxious if I whipped out my camera.  After resting for an hour we took a forest service road (all hail the 10-ply tires) to a ridge overlooking the Bridgeport Ranch where we parked, waiting for the warm colors of evening.  I love mountain sunsets and couldn't wait.  We stood on the ridge for an hour, in the wind, and suprisingly there was no sunset.  I've never seen anything like it in my life.  It was light, then it was dark.  The sky was a little yellow, kind of blue, then grey.  I took about 20 photos, most while I was waiting for the sky to change.

The next morning we drove all over the place, took different forest service roads and then headed back over Monitor Pass.  We stopped at the top to photograph the wildflowers.  I love this time of year.  They are so colorful and abundant.